Cole Seely Out Remainder Of Motocross Season Featured Image

Cole Seely Out Remainder of Motocross Season

Troy Lee Designs' 450 athlete Cole Seely sustained a torn labrum and fractured glenoid socket Tuesday, June 11th 2019 in a practice crash at Moto Sandbox in Claremont, Florida. Shortly following the crash Seely flew to the west coast for further evaluation where the injuries were confirmed and surgery was deemed necessary. Cole's surgery will take place on June 18th at Newport Surgical Center and an estimated 3 month recovery time has been given. Unfortunately this isn't something Cole hasn't had to go through before. In 2015 Seely sustained a similar shoulder injury. The same surgeon, Dr Warren G. Kramer, will perform Cole's surgery on June 18th.

A few words from Cole, "I crashed practicing in Florida on Tuesday and dislocated my right shoulder. Laying there after a few seconds I was able to get it back in myself way too easily so I knew something was wrong. After seeing my doctor we found that I rebroke my socket and will need surgery to repair both the socket and labrum. So bummed. Thanks to everyone for the support this season and to my team. I’ll try to make it to some rounds later this season to hang out when I’m feeling better."

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