TLD - Pump for Peace
  • A global initiative focused on building pump tracks in underprivileged communities, Pump For Peace aims to make cycling and action sports more accessible than ever before. No matter your race, gender or religion, sport has the power to unite communities around the world. Pump For Peace was founded on this belief. By making the sport more accessible, we can help promote a more tolerant future.

    Velosolutions has been building pump tracks around the world for over a decade and throughout that time they have witnessed the ability pump tracks have to transform communities and lives by making sport more accessible. Not only are they amazing fun for all, pump tracks also have the power to unite communities, instill passion and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Pump For Peace has become the Velosolutions way of contributing to creating a better world for all.

  • TLD Pump For Peace A3 Helmet

    Troy Lee Designs has partnered with Pump For Peace to create a collaborative A3 Helmet. A portion of the proceeds for each A3 Pump For Peace Helmets sold, go towards building pump tracks in underprivileged communities.