Tld'S Great Escape Night Ride Featured Image

TLD's Great Escape Night Ride

The Great Escape Night Ride - A select few industry VIP's and trend setters were invited to participate in the unique event at Glen Helen Raceway Saturday March 21st. There were 30-40 (2 to 3 man team) riders on the gate… racing a one of a kind built track amongst the hills of Glen Helen…teams of father and son and friends and amigos trading places lap after lap after lap… a freshly prepped minty track…and…AT NIGHT!  That’s right we had those headlights fired up and got rowdy at the Troy Lee Grand Prix at the Trans Am!  This spectator friendly event wasn't only for those on the track, the race was just the start of the night. Campers, friends and families that were out at the track were in on the celebration. The event was a hit filled with laughs, fun and a few brews. Let's keep it rolling...

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