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Pay in 4 installments with either Afterpay or Sezzle

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Also Available: Paypal, Shop Pay, Google Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for an order with pay in 4 payments with Afterpay or Sezzle?

Pay in 4 payments with either Afterpay or Sezzle is a payment method which allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over 4 equal installments. Payment 1 is taken when you place your order, and the next 3 payments are charged every 2 weeks.

What orders can be paid with pay in 4 payments?

Payment plans are available to all customers over 18 years of age with a billing and shipping address registered in the U.S. Your order will need to be a minimum of $50. If you have a gift card and you're spending more than its value, you can pay the remaining balance off using Afterpay or Sezzle as long as the balance is over $50. Please note that if you pay for your order this way, there won't be a breakdown of payment methods used in your order confirmation email.

How do payment plans work?

Afterpay and Sezzle both are an interest-free service which splits your total order value into 4 equal installments. When you select either Afterpay or Sezzle as the payment method at checkout, you'll be asked to provide your mobile number and your email address so that either can send you payment reminders. You'll then be asked to enter your payment details to make your first installment via credit or debit card. The following 3 installments will be charged to the same card. After your first payment, the following 3 installments are charged every 2 weeks. You'll get an email reminder 2 days before each payment is taken. Payments can't be made early, and the scheduled payment dates can't be changed.

When will I receive my payment statement?

Once you've placed your order using either Afterpay or Sezzle, you'll receive an email from them and also your order confirmation email. You'll also receive an email reminder 2 days before each payment is due to come out.

What happens if I don't make a payment?

You'll receive an email reminder 2 days before the payment comes out, so you shouldn't miss the payment. But if you do, a late payment fee may be charged, and it may affect your credit score. If a payment is missed, you'll get an email notification from Afterpay or Sezzle (whichever program you choose to pay with at time of original purchase) to show payment was unsuccessful.

How do returns work if I used either Afterpay or Sezzle?

If you return your whole order, then your invoice will be adjusted, and you'll receive a refund from your selected payment plan option within 10 business days for all payments you have made. Your refund will be issued back to your original payment method. If you haven't paid all of your installments, then the rest of your payments will be cancelled.

If you only return some of your items, then your invoice will be adjusted to reflect what you returned. Any returns will reduce the outstanding balance from the last installment, which may get rid of an installment or reduce the installment costs.